Your questions, answered.

Who is Nassari360 for?

Nassari360 is for professional photographers, videographers and creatives who want an immersive way to show and share their images, video and audio.

What could I use Nassari360 for?

You can use Nassari360 to show 360 images – or combine 360 images with photos and videos to create a new way of telling a story. The starting point is a 360 image: you add hotspots and embed regular stills, video or audio. Once your project is complete, your client can scroll around the 360 shot discovering the embedded video and stills. The potential uses of Nassari360 are almost endless...

  • Weddings: videos of speeches, first dances and atmosphere shots
  • Property: guided tours of locations and key features of real estate
  • Business: HR compliance training, guides to offices, engaging pitch documents
  • Education: final year projects, interactive prospectus, school plays
Take a look at our 360 case studies and tutorials to see what we mean.

Can I see an example of what the software can produce?

Of course you can. See our case studies series. We have presented a number of different projects to show just how versatile the software is at storytelling.

Is it just for 360 images?

No. It’s a means of showing standard stills and video within a 360 image.

Do I need a 360 camera?

No. You can create 360 images with a variety of cameras, even on a phone using a 360 app. The best results are usually produced using a DSLR or mirrorless camera mounted on a tripod, but a one-shot 360 camera like a Ricoh Theta or Samsung Gear 360 or GoPro Fusion makes life very simple.

Do I need to download the software?

No. Nassari360 is used online so you always have the latest version and you don’t need to take up valuable space on your computer. It means you can use it anywhere in the world.

Do I need an internet connection to use Nassari360?

Yes. Nassari360 is an online service that can be accessed via your own password-protected account.

How do my clients see my projects?

Once your project is complete, Nassari360 generates a link that you can share with your clients for viewing and/or approval. You can also download the project and upload it to your own or your client’s website.

Can I use my own logos?

Yes. You can add your logos to a project if you have either a N360 Core Features account.

How many people or computers can use the licence?

The licence is for one user but you can use it on any computer anywhere in the world. We also offer a multi-user licence, email support@nassari360.com for details about this and how to purchase.

Does Nassari360 work with all operating systems?

Yes. That’s part of the reason we’ve made the software accessible online, it avoids any compatibility issues.

Do you offer a trial version?

Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial.

How do I upload my video?

With the N360 Core Features account, you can link to your videos on Youtube or Vimeo. Alternatively, if you you can upload a video file to Nassari360 and it will be hosted on our server.

What file sizes can I use?

Your 360 panorama should be under 4MB. Keep them at 72dpi and at least 6500 pixels for a 23-inch screen. Use compression software like “Export > Save for Web (Legacy)” in Adobe Photoshop and you can bring your file size down to under 2MB. The lower the file size the shorter the upload time. Remember the project has a lot to load! Test that you’re happy with the image before you start layering your content.

If you are planning on making presentations on 50/60 inch screens then save your 360 images at over 12,000 pixels. Keep the pixel count high but use compression software to bring the file size down.

Ideally, import the 360 panorama and preview it on different screens. Once you find the size that works for you, you will never need to test again.

What about file sizes for photo gallery?

For still photos, we suggest keeping the files to 72dpi and the longest dimension of around 2500 pixels. The software has a limit of 1Mb per image. If you make a gallery with 12 images at 1Mb that’s 12Mb to load for one hotspot. So it’s a good idea to bring that down with compression software. Check that you’re happy with how the images look on laptop and larger screens before you finalise the sizing. It's better to have more pixels and a lower file size in case the project will be viewed on a number of different screens sizes and types.

What about other file size restrictions in the software?

Here are all our file size limits: Project Cover Image 250KB Project Logo 100KB Panoramic 360 4MB Scene Ambient Sound 10MB Scene CoverImage 250KB Hotspot Photo 1MB Hotspot Soundtrack 10MB Hotspot Video 00MB Custom icon 30 x 30pixels (png/jpeg)

Is Nassari360 hard to use?

No. Nassari360 is an extremely user-friendly software that’s designed to be used by anyone who wants to create interactive environments. The simple menu layouts are easy to use, and the ‘drag-and-drop’ build tools make adding layers of images, video and audio to your 360 images extremely easy. We expect you’ll be up and running in no time, but if you do need a little help, we have tutorial videos online. And if you get stuck you can always contact our support service via support@nassari360.com and we will respond within 24 hours.

How do I get support?

Our online support videos are the first port of call, but you can also email us at support@nassari360.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time by going to your account profile.

How do I renew my account?

You’ll get a reminder a month before it’s due, but the renewal is automatic so you don’t have to worry about any gaps in our service.

How much does Nassari360 cost?

Go to our Pricing page to see our choice of Plans but here’s a summary; we offer a free 30-day trial and the N360 Core Features account, which is £550 annually.

How do I purchase the software?

Simply click on the Buy Now button in the right corner of the screen and fill out the form with your details.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay with your credit card.

Can I get a receipt?

A receipt is sent automatically.